Friday, November 25

Opening Service

He Keepeth All His Bones, Br. Brad Bach

Nine Steps to the Kingdom, Br. Kent Humphreys

Tabernacle Lessons, Burnt Offering, Br. Robin Rice
Tabernacle Lessons, Four Coverings, Br. Bernard Hicks
Tabernacle Lessons, Levites, Br. Sean Humphreys

Testimonies, Br. John Harris

Why Did They Stop Working?, Br. Rick Evans

Open Questions, Br. Jim Parkinson

Songs in the Night

Saturday, November 26

Opening Service

Deborah and Gideon, Br. James Parkinson

Two Prophets, Jonah, Br. John Karavas
Two Prophets, Micah, Br. David Karavas

What is our Greatest Deception?, Br. Peter Mora

Mount of Transfiguration, Br. Lee Hicks (moderator),
with Keith Klepin and Austin Williams

The Parables of the Pounds and the Talents - A Comparison and Analysis, Br. Robert Brand
PowerPoint, Handout-blue, Handout-white

Musical Devotional, Br. David Rice

"Now the God of peace ... make you perfect in every good work to do his will ... that which is well pleasing in his sight" (Hebrews 13:20, 21)